In the Studio Today... Gifts for Valentine's Day!

Don't forget, I have six original cycling paintings on display at 3 Ring Cycles in downtwown San Anselmo.  I have a special discount offer advertised on Twitter.  Find the code and email it to me for a discount on a painting for your favorite cyclist or mt. biking sweetheart.  Happy Valentine's Day!

January 2012 - current
3 Ring Cycles
San Anselmo Ave, San Anselmo, California
Six paintings of cycling scenes in Marin and Connecticut

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In the Studio Today... Art on the Farm,
Mary Maxim's Bike Painting +


It's been a busy day.  I have been revamping the Art on the Farm site to prepare for 2012 paint-outs on Marin Organic Farms.  Our group met with founder, Alan Mart, at my workplace this past week, and had a nice meeting of the art minds.  Alan has moved to Colorado, but still has is farm in Bolinas and communicates via email enough to be able to arrange the farm visits.  I will assist with the website and providing information for artists.  Onward we go...

In painting news, this evening, I stumbled upon this painting by Mary Maxim.  It is wonderful; a cyclist with a limited palette.  I love her work!  Go, Mary!  You are inspiring me to try again on my cycling paintings.  I have a new idea for an upcoming show, but I want to paint big, so I need to set up my easel and get going.  Read the article here that Mary refers to about a 4 color, limited palette.  We did this with Parsons School of Design in France when I was in High School, and the gauche paintings that came out of this are some of my favorites.  Perhaps Mary can post her work on my friend Tim's blog in Colorado... He is looking for artists with cycling subjects.

Here is Tim Richardson's cycling blog,

He has been asking me for art to add to the site, and I sent him over a painting last week.  It is almost the opposite palette of Mary's subdued and limited palette, above.  Perhaps it is time for me to try the Zorn palette and get out on the road again...