In the Studio Today... 3 Tiny Cow Paintings; Day 2

Tuesday, November 30, 2010
"Solitude",  California Cow #4  6"x 6" o/c

 Finished 3 more of the "tiny cow painting" that was so loved at the Marin Arts Council, Small Wonders exhibit.  Two of these are promised to people.... one will be left over and available.  Notice how they are all different, even though I painted them from the same reference.  See- no two paintings are ever completely alike!

Tiny Cow Paintings, #4-#2.   All 6" x 6", o/c.
"Solitude",  California Cow #3  6"x 6" o/c

In the Studio Today... 3 More Tiny Cow Paintings

November 28, 2010

My tiniest cow painting ever, sold on "Black Friday" at the Marin Arts Gallery, "Small Wonders" show on 4th Street, in downtown San Rafael.  This show is ongoing, now through January 8th.  Meanwhile, another person had been telling me he was going to buy this painting, and a third person called yesterday, wanting to buy the same painting as well.  Now in progress... 3 more paintings, commissioned from the first.

Wow, 3 people wanting the same painting in one week!  Is this my lucky break?  Well, that's far from the truth.  These little paintings were priced to sell, at $125.  Hardly a fortune for me, and 30% goes back to the Marin Arts Council.  When you add in the cost of framing and materials, well... let's just say I probably come out with about have of the cost in my pocket.  It's not going to make you rich folks, but to have that pleasure from all these viewers, coming back to you; this is the real reward.

The call yesterday went something like this, "Hello, my partner and I went through the gallery twice, and decided that your tiny cow painting was our favorite, and we had to have it: It evoked the solitude of West Marin, and we just loved it".  Meanwhile, another buyer had expressed that it reminded the of their sister's wedding in Switzerland

A week before this, a woman from San Francisco called who had seen one of my cycling paintings and she instantly knew it had to be a gift for her sister, who loves to ride her bike on Lucas Valley Road.  She emailed later, after purchasing to tell me she loved it, and was getting lots of compliments.

You never know how your painting may touch another viewer, but you always hope to hear these comments, as it helps an artist to continue to move forward on new works.  Thank you to my supporters out there, who are giving me lots of love this holiday season.

In the Studio Today... Got Persimmons?

Updated Oct 23, 2013 - Originally posted 11/23/10
Have a happy, healthy and safe Halloween!

"Persimmons I" o/c, 5" x 5" unframed, 8" x 8" framed w/black and silver, wood frame.
Persimmons, Robson Harrington Park, San Anselmo.
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Persimmons Recipes: 

Please view the comments for some great Persimmon recipes by my friend, Sylvie!  Thank you, Sylvie.... Persimmon Cream Cheese Pie, and more!

In the Studio Today...Poster for Holiday Art Walk

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I've been working with the San Anselmo Art Commission to plan a Holiday Art Walk for the town.  We started planning this in September, as a way to fill in the empty storefronts, and it has evolved into a different kind of event.  Since we were unable to secure any empty storefronts at the time, we approached the San Anselmo Merchants to see if they would include a single piece of art in their front window as part of their Holiday displays.  It has gone very well.  At least 15 businesses will participate this year, and the hope is that we can continue the enthusiasm for next year and grow the event with further planning.  I will have one little plein air piece of Mt. Tam at Delectables Home and Garden.  I also have 3 tiny pieces in the Marin Arts Council, "Small Wonders" show that is just up in downtown 4th St. Gallery, San Rafael. Happy Holiday Shopping!

In the Studio Today... Draper's Greenhouse, Session 3 & 4

November 13-14, 2010
Draper's Greenhouse, Draper Family Farms, San Anselmo, CA 2010

 I've been super slow at getting back to my unfinished paintings, and even slower at starting new paintings lately.  Daylight savings is making me more tired than usual.  I forced myself to work on this tonight, and it's coming along.

In the Studio Today...Quick iPad Sketch of Mt. Tam

Wednesday, Nov 11, 2010
Quick sketch of Mt. Tam at 3pm from Sorich Park via Brushes App on Twitpic
Quick painting on the iPad today...

It's hard to believe that I have been unable to drive for an entire month, since my last post. It has been REALLY hard, and I've had to go through this kind of disability three times now in the last 2 years...(initial injury, ACL surgery, now meniscus surgery) but it never gets easier, really. There is something about not being able to leave your house, go for a hike, see the beauty of Marin that will drive you nuts if you are stuck with out this joy. Today, I managed to steal 20 minutes to drive my dog to Sorich Park. I sat at the picnic table there, after limping to the table from my car, and I couldn't believe how nice it was to see Mt. Tam once again, from a point I was able to get myself to, by myself. Freedom! Pheew... that was hard. Now, learning to bend my knee again, and not look like an idiot; that's step two. Physical therapy starts Friday. Here is the little quick stetch I did today on my iPad, from the table, while my dog looked longingly at me, happy to be out, but wondering, "Why aren't we going on our regular hike, Mom?" Poor dog. She is so loyal. I hope she was just happy to get out with me again.