In the Studio Today... Arts Meetings, Writing & Volunteering

Friday, October 15, 2010

Wow, what a busy and productive week!

It started with my being picked up in a bright red, Mini-Cooper convertible in balmy summer air... We are having the most beautiful "Indian Summer" weather here in Northern California, and I hope it doesn't end for a few more weeks.  The Mini is owned by a neighbor and friend, who drove me with my one crutch and immobilizer knee brace, to the San Anselmo Arts Commission.  Riding in the Mini is a highlight of a week when you are in a knee brace, let me tell you.  So, we drove off into the summer evening, towards the San Anselmo Town Hall... where I was headed to the Arts Commission's, monthly meeting.  I had been given an assignment to interview the Commission for an article in the SanAnselmo/Fairfax Patch news.  I really enjoyed meeting the members, and learned so much about my town.  Here is the link to the article, where you can learn more about the San Anselmo Arts Commission, and each of the volunteers: click here to read the article.

I also worked for the Marin Arts Council, in San Rafael this week.  They are always very busy, especially with a decreased staff due to California budget cuts.  They can always use extra help, so if you want to volunteer, give them a call.

I'm working on a couple of other, Arts related article's for Patch, and investigating arts programs and galleries I never knew about.  It's amazing that one can live in a town for 15 years and still not know about some of these programs.  There really is a lot to offer in Marin County.  I am grateful for all my friends, who have been driving me around this week, and driving my sons around!  It absolutely takes a village when you have kids... You need to have friends and parents to help you, especially if you don't have grandparents in town.  I called several cab companies in Marin, only to find that none of them had time to pick up my kids from school.  Finally, I stumbled upon "Kid Courier", a service in Ross, that shuttles kids to and from after school activities.  Kim, the owner of Kid Courier, drove out herself.  She was wonderful.  I think this is a great service, and I was so glad for her help last week.  Check her out online here.  A shout out to Kim, and all my friends this week who drove Miss Daisy and the Twinadoes.  Thank you!!!

In the Studio Today... Draper's Greenhouse Day #1

Sunday, October 10, 2010 "101010"
I had knee surgery on Friday, went to see Pilobolus at Marin Center on Saturday night, watched the SF Giants beat the Braves today with my family, and finally made it to the easel on Sunday afternoon.  The need to paint is great right now, as we have an upcoming, "Art on the Farm" annual show, and I need distraction from my healing knee.  This is an image I have wanted to tackle for some time- Bo Draper's Greenhouse in San Anselmo, a third generation, Marin Organic, family farm that is run as a co-operative farm.  You can pick your own veggies here, once you become a member.  They also have bees and honey.  Just down the road from Sorich Park, this is a beautiful, hidden piece of Marin that is much loved by the residents of San Anselmo.  Elementary students have been taking field trips to Draper's for years.
This painting is just the start- flushing out the bones... the shapes and colors that will add dimension to the final image.