In the Studio Today... Art on the Farm 2010

June 17, 2010
Paintings by Laura Williams

I just updated the Art on the Farm Blog. This is a great group of artist from around Marin County and the Bay Area that visit Marin Organic farms and paint, photograph and exhibit as a group annually. I am posting a few photos from our group show at the Pt. Reyes Vineyard here. Enjoy! For more info, visit the blog I maintain at We have started up the 2010 painting season, and the website has a schedule of farms we are visiting.

Three Cows, by Kanna Aoki

Paintings by Alfredo Tofanelli

Colleen Proppé and Artist/Animator, Christina Richard from BC Canada

Donna Solin and Catherine Moreno, two artists volunteering at the winery show

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