In the Studio Today...Photography Workshop with Aperture Academy; Fort Point-Golden Gate Bridge

I enjoyed a full-day photography workshop with Aperture Academy this past Sunday. It was a great learning opportunity for me, as I have always wanted to push myself to better understand my DSLR camera, and all it is capable of doing. We split into two groups of 7 students each, and I worked with instructor, Brian Reub. We spent the entire day shooting in Manual Mode, using tripods, and long exposure shots with a remote control. It was a really rainy and foggy day in San Francisco, so we spent the majority of our time in the covered area of Fort Point, underneath the SF side of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Although I had been there before, I had never stepped foot into the Fort itself! I couldn't believe how special it was to tour the old fort, built just before the time of the Civil War. It never saw battle, but it was fully prepared for it. Canons lined the roof top and gun powder and canon balls were stored in the bottom level. You may view my set of photos on Flickr here to see some of the history of Fort Point, and the many colors and textures there. Also, Aperture Academy has a full blog post on our day, with a few photos of me and the other members of our class. It was a really nice group, and I will definitely go back for more.

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Art Trip said...

How weird, I thought this was a painting. And on that note, it would make a great painting.