In the Studio Today... Painting on an iPod;
but wishing for an iPad with Touch Sensitive Pen

February 1, 2010

The announcement of the new iPad coming out by Apple Computer in a couple months has made me very curious about the possibilites of the little app called "Brushes" that currently works on my iPod Touch (or your iPhone). I finally took the time to familiarize myself with it over the weekend, and I just painted this little San Francisco night scene and made a movie of it. Years ago, I used to use "Painter" and "Flash" on my Mac for work, and a Wacom touch sensitive tablet. Those tools were great for painting on a computer, and I loved them. You could also play back your work in those programs... probably still can, but I haven't been keeping up with the software as I'm not at a design studio any more, and I have bigger fish to fry in my own home here with my twins in grade school. As for "Brushes", I think it will be great on the larger iPad, but where is the pressure sensitive aspect of it? It's sooooo frustrating to draw with a tool that can not create a thick-thin line, and drawing with your finger is not so great... It's fun, but I frequently can not get the line to go where I want it to go, and have to "undo" and redraw it. An old friend of mine used to say that "Drawing with a mouse is like trying to draw with your shoe". Drawing with your finger on a screen the size of a business card is kind of similar, I'd say... Silly, almost. It leaves for a sloppy way of doing things. It's a serious challenge. I hope the iPad upgrade and new Brushes software will be much better and really be easier to use. In the meantime, click to watch the video of my first iPod "painting" done in Brushes.


Michelle - Pooch Parenting said...

That is fantastic! It was so much fun to see your work flow on that picture!

GetSoiled said...

WOW! That is one groovy, jazzy and super cool video!!!!

I came by a few days ago and cannot recall if I left a message or not (wine), so, just in case, here is a big hello and an even bigger I LOVE YOUR BLOG!

Will be coming back for more eye candy! ☺