In the Studio Today.... "Land Art" #3;
Sun Sculpture: Ode to First Sun in Days

January 14, 2010

Sun Sculpture; Ode to First Sun in Days. "Land Art" #3, originally uploaded by cproppe.

I took my other son on my C25K jog/walk today. Today was Week 2, Day 2 of my c25k running program. I was so eager to get outside because today was the first sun we've seen in weeks, and apparently we are due for another weekend and week of rain next week. It was glorious to see the sun today, and I feel so lucky to have been able to get out in it.

I am quickly learning that what is fun for me is also fun for my kids. My son loved running when it was time to run, and walking when it was time to walk (via the iPod Touch/iPhone app that was prompting us). Not only did he love this part of the outing, but he loved and protected our little sculpture we made in our "Land Art" practice series.

In my previous two posts, I have talked about designing a class to run through the San Anselmo Recreation Center in the Spring called "Land Art". Based on the concepts of artists such as Andrew Goldsworthy and Richard Shilling( My son loved this little "sun sculpture" we made so much that he told the other people on the trail not to harm it! Too cute.

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