In Nature's Studio Today... Land Art #4;
Rich Colors of Winter

Red sweetspire leaves(I believe), wild purple violets, red holly berries, sycamore seed pod...
My son and I collected the red leaves from the ground at his school today, and the seed pod from the upper playground. The holly berries are from our yard, as well as the wild violets, that just opened this week. It's rain season in Northern California, but there is still color if you look for it. This is our fourth creation in our own "Land Art" series this month. I am hoping to teach a class in the Spring through the Recreation Department. Inspired by the works of Andy Goldsworthy and Richard Shilling. Take a look at Shilling's work, here.

In the Studio Today.... "Land Art" #3;
Sun Sculpture: Ode to First Sun in Days

January 14, 2010

Sun Sculpture; Ode to First Sun in Days. "Land Art" #3, originally uploaded by cproppe.

I took my other son on my C25K jog/walk today. Today was Week 2, Day 2 of my c25k running program. I was so eager to get outside because today was the first sun we've seen in weeks, and apparently we are due for another weekend and week of rain next week. It was glorious to see the sun today, and I feel so lucky to have been able to get out in it.

I am quickly learning that what is fun for me is also fun for my kids. My son loved running when it was time to run, and walking when it was time to walk (via the iPod Touch/iPhone app that was prompting us). Not only did he love this part of the outing, but he loved and protected our little sculpture we made in our "Land Art" practice series.

In my previous two posts, I have talked about designing a class to run through the San Anselmo Recreation Center in the Spring called "Land Art". Based on the concepts of artists such as Andrew Goldsworthy and Richard Shilling( My son loved this little "sun sculpture" we made so much that he told the other people on the trail not to harm it! Too cute.

In the Studio Today... "Land Art";
Lady Bug on Sailboat

January 12, 2010

LandArt_Lady Bug on a Sailboat; Day 2, originally uploaded by cproppe.

My son and I made this sailboat today on our rainy walk in the park. We are beginning a series of projects from It's a kid's version of the kind of art Andrew Goldsworthy creates in the film, "Rivers and Tides". See some clips from "Rivers and Tides" in the video, below...

I hope to teach a class for kids through the San Anselmo Rec. Center in the Spring. There is so much to learn about shape, color, and design from nature, and it's free! For more information on "Land Art for Kids", read my previous post.

In the Studio Today... "Land Art"

January 7, 2010

4 Colour Sun Wheel, originally uploaded by ...escher....

The creator of "Land Art" books for kids, website, and blog emailed me today on Flickr to ask if they could use one of my images. My son was doing basic "leaf rubbings" in the photo.

I clicked through the Flickr set "Colors" by Richard Shilling, and was astonished to find a remarkable set of colorful items, made only with items from nature. "Land Art" for kids... It is a great series of "to do" projects you can create with kids of all ages.

I LOVE IT! I am hoping to create a series of these projects with kids in the Spring for our YES Classroom Art Projects, that raise money for the YES Foundation. Stay tuned... and in the meantime, check out the website and the Flickr sets!

In the Studio Today... Joy; A Bounce Flash!

January 4, 2010

Joy; A Bounce Flash! (wide), originally uploaded by cproppe.

In my effort to become a better photographer for my painting reference photos, I am looking into the Strobist Blog, and dug out an old bounce flash(Sunpak 383) I bought at San Francisco's Adolph Gasser on 2nd Street, before 1995, along with my first, large tripod. The friend that took us there is now a partner at Stimulant in San Francisco, and is also an amazing photographer. While I sit here and try to learn the basics, this guy could create you a theater sized touch screen for your next event. Amazing technology. I hope I can learn 1% of what this old friend knows in 2010. Wish me luck! PS... The ornament in my son's hand, a Nutcracker Soldier, was made in 1990 by my college roommate in Maine. Christmas tree ornaments are such great memorabilia.

New Year's Day 2010: Beginning a Project 365 "Photo a Day" Group in Marin

January 1, 2010

001 New Year's Day Fisherman at Lake Lagunitas, originally uploaded by cproppe.

Today is Day 1 of "Marin 365", a photo group on Flickr that will force me to post a photo a day for the next 365 days. Thanks to my local friend, Michelle Stern, owner of What's Cooking?, we are going to be busy, and learning more about our cameras this year. Thanks, Michelle. If you'd like to teach your kids how to cook, Michelle teaches cooking classes for children in Marin County. Check out her website when you have a minute. The photo here is taken at Lake Lagunitas. It was a very still and peaceful moment, and a great memory of the start of 2010.