In the Studio Today... Ridgecrest Sunset on Mt. Tam; Panoramic with Cyclist

Monday, July 27, 2009
"Sunset Cycle on Ridgecrest", Ridgecrest Blvd., Mt. Tamalpais National State Park, Marin County, California."2 ft. x 4 ft.", o/c.

I am delighted to be moving into a large canvas today, and back to a landscape. I still have finishing details to do in two other paintings, but I wanted to start this one, as the sunset scene with rolling hills had got me really excited. The big paintings always are fun at a show, and stand out. Smaller, more detailed ones force the viewer to go up to the canvas and look at all the stuff in them, but my big paintings usually do not. The image of the rider is pulled from a shot I took at the Tour de Marin, in Sausalito. He was part of the peloton, going around the Stage in Sausalito for folks to take photos. The image of Tam is from a sunset shot, a week ago with my family. This painting makes me want to go for a ride!

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