In the Studio Today... MALT's Annual Show!

I have been attending the MALT show for more than five years now, and anticipate it every year. As a plein air landscape artist in Marin County, this is the most coveted place to exhibit one's work. To be accepted to MALT for their annual show is an honor, when there are hundreds of landscape painters that would like to hang their work on the walls of Druid's Hall in Nicasio. For me, it is a goal to be included in this group some day, but for now, I enjoy visiting the show each year when I can, and talking to the artists, who often are there to share and discuss their paintings.

The drive to Nicasio alone will have you feeling at peace with our natural surroundings, and then to enter the show is just magical. The walls in this small space are packed like a patchwork quilt; every painting packed into the Hall contributes something unique and special about Marin county farms and land that has been preserved by Marin Agricultural Land Trust. It is a joy and treat for me to be there each year, if not as an exhibiting painter, at least as one in spirit! Please go and support MALT on May 16th(my Birthday!)from 2-5pm, or on May 17th, from 10 -4pm. They offer books, greeting cards and other items that are fairly priced and make great gifts, as well as prints and paintings. Visit the MALT website for more information, and some great audio interviews with participating artists.

You may also want to take a look at the MALT website and a new MALT Blog that is written about Ranches and Rolling Hills, and full of information and inspiration about art and farming, by Elisabeth Ptak.

Finally, you may also want to visit the blogs of 2 MALT artists I have had the pleasure of venturing out to farms with through the "Art on the Farm" group trips:

Christin Coy's Blog
Richard Lindenberg's Blog


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