In the Studio Today...OPEN STUDIO; May 2 & 3rd

"Lemons Before Mt. Tam" Plein air at Fairfax Fresh, Meyer Lemon Farm, 2008.

Hello Friends and Art Enthusiasts!

There are 4 artists in my neighborhood that will be opening their doors to the public on May 2nd and 3rd. 3 of these artists are right on San Anselmo Avenue, so look for their signs and balloons. They are on the map found in the recent issue of "Marin Magazine". I am located just off San Anselmo Ave, at 92 Elm, but I am not on the map this year.

Please click here for a map:92 Elm Ave., San Anselmo, CA (Just off of Scenic Ave., or San Anselmo Ave. White house with a red door, and large palm tree in front.)

I have many oil paintings of local, Marin County landscapes, and I am trying to clear them out, as I am creating 20 cycling related scenes for a September show at the Mill Valley Depot. So, what this means is that ALL prices are negotiable at this time, and I have let a few things go for as low as $150. So, if you need a painting for a graduation gift or Mother's Day.... Please take a look a this link below and consider stopping by. I will put a few balloons out in the yard. The paintings are all hanging in my home, and you may click here to preview what I still have available online here. (or paste this url in your browser

Thanks for your support!


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