In the Studio Today...Bouquets to Art 2009

Bouquets to Art 2009, originally uploaded by cproppe.

I had a brief glimpse at this year's "Bouquets to Art" show at the de Young in San Francisco today. Floral designers choose a painting, sculpture or piece of art in the museum, and let it inspire them to create their work. Some are very traditional displays, while others are truly unique, and modern works of art in themselves.

It was a gorgeous day, great weather, and the opening day for the show, St. Patrick's Day. I saw a lot of people wearing green, and many beautiful hats and brightly colored outfits. The show inspires so much color, and it was so crowded I had to line up behind other camera carrying folks to snap my photos for this event. Very well attended today. 4 more days, through March 21st. Don't miss it! Always worth the trip! Click here to check out some of my photos from today...

Frank Lloyd Wright House Cookie

Monday, March 9th, 2009

Frank Lloyd Wright House Cookie, originally uploaded by cproppe.

An MFA graduate of CalArts and friend is currently working on a feature length documentary about Architecture inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright's "Organic Architecture"; architecture which blended into the landscape and expressed the beauty of natural elements, such as falling water and rocks. His 1939 Kaufman House, known as "Fallingwater", has repeatedly been named the most beautiful house in the world by the American Institute of Architects.

2009 marks the 50th anniversary of the passing of Frank Lloyd Wright, and my friend has launched a baking project to compliment and raise funds for her film. If you make a donation to the film, you can have these amazing house cookies sent right to your door..... or you can join her "Architecture Cookie Club", and receive a new cookie inspired by one of the architects in her film, every 3 months. For more information, please contact Holly at or check out her blog, which is soon to become a more elaborate website for the film and the cookies, of course!

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In the Studio Today... Claudia Chapline Gallery
Opening Reception

Sunday, March 8th
It was a gorgeous and busy day at Claudia Chapline Gallery in Stinson Beach. We kicked off the opening of "Art on the Farm" with a great crowd. From left to right are: Alan Mart(founder of Art on the Farm), Claudia Chapline, Chris Adessa, Christin Coy, and Richard Lindenberg. View more photos at the Art on the Farm blog.

In the Studio Today... Recycled Frame Complete and Delivery to Claudia Chapline Gallery

Well, here is the result of the framing by Chris Cheek, of Heritage Salvage in Petaluma. The wood is from an old BARN! Too cool. I am very happy with the look of it. Very rustic and farmy. Claudia Chapline is going to hang it in her front window of the shop! Very exciting.

For more information on this March show;
click here to visit my previous post.

In the Studio Today... "Going Green" with Recycled Wood Frames

Bay Area artists looking to help the environment need to look no further than their own backyard... Heritage Salvage of Petaluma has an entire palette of recycled wood and can custom frame your paintings too. For the March show of "Art on the Farm" at the renowned Stinson Beach, Claudia Chapline Gallery, my painting will have a recycled wood frame created by the staff at Heritage Salvage. Above, you can see the many choices available in recycled wood... The corner frame samples and colors are on the left of the image. Click the photo above to enlarge. Do you have a favorite frame for this painting, above? Email me your favorite, or send an idea of your own.

When I arrived with boys in tow yesterday, Michael "Bug" Deakin was on site, and happy to let my little driver sit and play on the company forklift. It's a fun place to visit, with all kinds creative ideas for building with recycled materails. I wrote about Heritage Salvage over a year ago when I learned of them from local artist, Judith Selby Lang, who is constantly creating art with recycled trash from beaches and helping to educate and inspire all in our local community. To read that older post, click here.
If you go....
Heritage Salvage is easy to find on Google Maps: