In the Studio Today... 50th Anniversary of the Life & Death of Frank Lloyd Wright

April 2009 is the 50th Anniversary of the passing of architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. Well known here in Marin, Mr. Wright's design for the Marin County Civic Center represents the culmination of his career; it was his final design, the building completed only after his death. A colleague of mine from the California Institute of the Arts has been working on a film, chronicling the history of several architectural descendants of Frank Lloyd Wright. She hopes to have a portion of the film available to celebrate Mr. Wright's 50th, this April 9th. Her film is supported by the San Francisco Film Society. Please view clip, below:

Selected sequence from feature length documentary in progress:
Our Pace Setters; A Chronicle of Organic Architecture
A Film exploring three student descendants of Frank Lloyd Wright.
Film by Holly du Rivage. Principal photography by Ezra Stoller © Esto Photo.
Original music, by Gunnar Proppé.

This 16 minute portion of a feature film in-progress was recently exhibited at the University of Florida(September 2008) where Alfred Parker is a professor of architecture. For his 92nd Birthday, University of Florida honored Parker with an exhibition, lectures on the campus, and tours of his homes in Gainesville, Florida.

These sequences are an introduction to Alfred Parker, a student of Frank Lloyd Wright, and his 92 year career as an architect and teacher in Florida. The clip documents Parker's early career, his relationship with Elizabeth Gordon, editor of House Beautiful magazine, and his relationship with Mr. Wright.

If you would like to make a donation to Holly's film in honor of Frank Lloyd Wright's 50th Anniversary, she is currently accepting funding in the form of checks made out to "San Francisco Film Society" or SFFS*, with a note at the bottom of the check, "For Holly du Rivage, Producer". (*Soon, you will be able to make an online, tax-deductible donation for this film directly from SFFS's secure server on their website, but until then, Holly requests that checks be made out SFFS and mailed to her). Holly is offering gifts for the top donations, as well as the first to donate, and those who tell the most friends! Please email Holly for further information. To read more about Holly or this film, please visit her blog.

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