In the Studio Today... Grafitti & Dog Photography

Wonder Dog II, originally uploaded by cproppe.

I spent a warm, January Friday today in Bolinas, CA photographing an old friend and her beautiful dogs. It was a great day, and the dogs had so much fun. Bolinas has very unique and special beaches to visit with your dogs, and kids. Agate Beach boasts the most abundant tidepools, while the surfing beach is full of cool rock formations, mossy rocks, walls with fantastic and colorful grafitti, and surfers you can watch, gently coasting in on the long, low waves. I always stop at Gospel Flat Farmstand on the way out of town. They have amazing produce. Their fresh celery is the tastiest celery I have ever eaten. You can view my set of Bolinas beach photos from today here.

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C. Proppé said...

BTW... This was a paid photo shoot, otherwise, I would have been home painting commissions!