In the Studio Today... Sarah Palin Wordle

Sarah Palin_Wordle
Originally uploaded by cproppe

A few weeks ago I discovered "Wordle" online and started playing with it to create artistic word clouds. What I found most unusual about Wordle was that if you played with it long enough, changing the arrangement many times, changing the colors, etc... you would eventually get it to show you phrases from text you entered that would appear in really interesting ways. The most profound and spirited Wordle I have still seen to date was the one from Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech. I decided to take Palin's most memorable phrases from the debate, and put them all into Wordle to see what it looked like. This was the result (click on image, above to see larger). From the above wordle, I have been able to generate a campaign graphic for Obama-Biden, and I intend to print it as a car magnet.

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