In the Studio Today... Oyster Photography

Oyster Shell Shadow 02, originally uploaded by cproppe.

I bumped into the Art on the Farm group of painters on Sunday, while picking up oysters at Drake's Bay Family Farms, to celebrate a friend's birthday in Marin. Kevin Lunny gave a talk and tour to the painters, and they were welcome to paint at the oyster farm or on his ranch. I was able to take some photos of a few of the left-over oysters I had from after the party here at home today, and perhaps a painting or two will come from these intimate, oyster portraits. The cherry tomatoes are from our backyard garden, as well as the Common Blue Borage flower, an edible and medicinal plant, most uniquely known for curing hangovers in Roman times. To view more of the photos from today, click on the photo, above.

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