In the Studio Today... Album Cover Session #3

Wednesday Morning, December 5, 2007
Commission from album cover: The Black Crows, "Southern Harmony & Musical Companion". 24" x 24". I added more details in faces and on clothing, in the background as well. I do not draw on my canvas first, nor do I project, so I paint like a sculptor, and just keep carving out changes until I think it looks close enough to the original with out looking too much like a photo. I like to leave brushstrokes loose in the background, so it looks like a painting. See previous 2 sessions below.


Anonymous said...

Looking Good!

andrea said...

I love these "painting in progress" kinds of post. It's always fascinating to see how other artists work! I've been poking around your blog and your work is really good. It's got a cleanness of design/execution and ever-so-slightly surreal quality that really appeals to me. No wonder you won the grant/award!

Hmmm... boys, sheepdogs (I have an Australian Shepherd but my next dog will be a BC I think), nutrition and art: we have a lot in common.

I'll be back again soon!