In the Studio Today... Sonoma Plein Air

Saturday, September 15, 2007
Today was the final exhibition of the artists work after a week of plein air painting at the Sonoma Plein Air Competition. Kate and I spoke with several artists, including the "Best of Show" winner, Tim Horn, of Fairfax, CA. It was wonderful to hear about how the artists completed 8 or more paintings in just one week, and then quickly framed their paintings last night, before today's show. Many of the paintings are still wet! I spoke with last year's best of show winner, Nancy McDonald. It was wonderful to be able to hear first hand about some of the paintings.While Kate viewed a live, watercolor demonstration, I was able to do a quick sketch with some big, chalk pastels on one of the easels left out for anyone to "Have fun!" and sketch. I didn't notice too many people taking advantage of this free easel time, so I jumped right in! My little sketch was very quick, but I had fun.

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