In the Studio Today...Fairfax Fresh: Session #1

Friday, June 29, 2007
Session #1 today on Fairfax Fresh farm in Fairfax, CA. I am beginning a series of paintings for either the "Art on the Farm" exhibit that may take place this Fall in Pt. Reyes, or, these paintings may be donated to Taste of Marin; an evening of food and silent auctions organized by Marin Organic in August. I spent about an hour, blocking out the colors and shapes before I had to leave this peaceful Marin Organic lemon farm in the hills above Fairfax. Prior to this, I had a lovely tour of the property with Patti Elliot, who was about to harvest the trees I was painting from, and take them to Mill Valley to be used by a Gelato maker. Yum! Every where I turned, there was an extraordinary scene I could have chosen to paint: multiple views of Mt. Tam framed by Pacific Oaks, rusty red rooster and hen friends against the pale yellow hay, flowers cascading down the hillside to a birdbath, all below the yellow house and the oak tree with swings and hammock. The view from the driveway includes the GMC truck with the Fairfax Fresh logo on the side. It is surrounded by flowers and framed by oaks and lemon trees. Patti had some very nice small paintings she had done there herself, including one of the truck, and I absolutely see why- It is just an extraordinary place to paint and dwell.

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