In the Studio Today... Painting Birdhouses

Monday, June 11, 2007
This weekend has been spent gathering paint and items to paint and decoupage two birdhouses for my sons' teachers, as "end of the year"/class gifts. I had been doing some research online, and I found an article that talks about chemicals in paints and varnishes, and their effects on the birds. It says not to use bright colors, and definitely to use non-toxic paints and special sealers. Then again, maybe all this doesn't matter too much, as my Aunt in Connecticut tells me she has a bright red gourd birdhouse with high gloss finish, and the birds have moved into it for the third year running. The houses were painted with non-toxic, acrylic paint. I scanned in all the kids' photos and made them sepia tone in Photoshop, and reprinted them on photo paper with their names underneath. I used decoupage papers to add the imagery of sticks and leaves around the faces. The apple and the school bus are 25 cents each at Michael's Craft Supplies. It's good to take a break from oil painting once in a while and do a crafty art form that forces you to brainstorm and come up with new ideas. I am thinking of decoupaging some of my paintings onto boxes for gifts... Hmmmm....

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