In the Studio Today... June Wedding

Monday, June 4, 2007
Wedding of Raechel Shelfer & Edward Titus, June 2, 2007
Marin French Cheese Co., Petaluma, CA
When you paint from life, capturing a moment on canvas is very much like what a nature photographer tries to do... Get that moment of great lighting, get the composition just right, the subject is posed as if it was meant to be doing just what it is doing... When you take a great photo, you just know it when you see it. It does something for your heart, and you jump just a little inside. Wow!.. is often exclaimed. A great painting from life should do this too. Above is a photo I took this weekend of the wedding of Raechel Shelfer of Woodacre, at the Marin French Cheese Co. in Petaluma. Raechel's mother, Michelle, is one of my oldest friends in Marin County. I wanted to share this photo because there are moments when the hills of Marin catch light that make them look so spectactular. We have lots of "wow" moments in Marin, when the fog starts to roll in, and the sun still shines through in unique patterns of light on the land. The rolling hills of the western landscape can be so dramatic in these special moments, and I am so delighted Raechel was wed before the dazzling beauty of this place.

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