In the Studio Today... Todd's Point; Session #3

Thursday, May 31, 2007
"Sunset at Todd's Point" Old Greenwich, CT
16" x 20" w/natural wood, canvas floater frame
Created for a 2 year installation of Greenwich High School, alumni art students over the past 50 years. Will be on display in downtown Greenwich, CT.

In the Studio Today... Todd's Point; Session #2

Sunday, May 27, 2007
I added more texture to the sky today, and highlights in the water. This is a discolored photo that was taken as it was getting dark out, so the colors are not correct.

In the Studio Today... Todd's Point; Session #1

Friday, May 25, 2007
"Sunset at the Point" Old Greenwich, CT 16" x 20"
This is the first couple hours on a painting to be displayed in an art show in Greenwich, CT. They have organized 50 years of selected alumni art to hang in a 2 year display in my hometown. I chose this image of Todd's Point, in Old Greenwich, CT. This is where I grew up, and I have many fond memories of being with my family at this beach. My parents have been insisting I choose a California Landscape to include in this show, but I really wanted to provide a tribute to my hometown with a painting of a local landscape.

In the Studio Today... White's Hill; Session #3

Thursday, May 24, 2007
"White's Hill from Pine Mt." 16" x 20"
Plein-air and finished in the studio today. I have ordered a natural canvas floater frame for this, and hope to hang it at the Two Bird to add to my show. I think this qualifies in the "images of West Marin" category. I enjoyed starting this as plein-air because when I was out in the field, I had planned to paint Mt. Tam from Pine Mt., but when I got up on the mountain, this was the view that had the most unique colors in it, and I had never painted this scene before, so it was a pleasant surprise.

In the Studio Today... White's Hill; Session #2

Wednesday Night, May 23, 2007
"White's Hill from Pine Mt." 16" x 20"
I've been working on this inside this evening. I painted over the pine bows, and will probably add them in again with more detail tomorrow. I worked on the details in the hills and reworked White's Hill almost completely. It is really hard to not complete a plein air painting on sight because once you bring it home, any photos you have taken for reference are never quite the same angle/size/view that you were seeing on sight.

In the Studio Today... Plein Air at Pine Mt.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007I hiked up Pine Mt. in the Marin Watershed off Fairfax-Bolinas Road with my dogs today. I need a lighter easel... It was a good workout! There is a pine tree about 1/2 way up to the first crest of the Mt., which provides great shade for painting. It was 80 degrees today, so I couldn't have done this with out the tree! I spent about 3 1/2 hours blocking out this painting today. It is White's Hill from Pine Mt., with Loma Alta to the right, I believe...I can't seem to capture the right colors in a photo, even with natural lighting. It is fairly pastel in tone, at the moment.

"White's Hill from Pine Mt." 16" x 20"

In the Studio Today... Silent Auction Update

As of 5/20, there are currently 3 paintings with active bids:
You may now view the paintings and bids online, and place your bid online. I will update the bidding sheets at the Two Bird, every Monday until June 23rd. There are still more than 30 days to go. As someone said to me today, "Colleen, what if Spirit Rock goes for $500? I bet the frame cost more than that!" I have to trust in the process; with four weeks to go, a lot can happen. I am happy to see the bidding has started! Please email me if you would like me to send you a pdf file/price list for the auction. You may also bid by calling the Two Bird at (415) 488-0105, and of course by visiting the Two Bird Cafe for Breakfast, Lunch, Brunch or Dinner!

In the Studio Today... Two Bird Cafe Reception

May 20, 2007
Photos from my reception, yesterday, 5/19, at the Two Bird Cafe. We had a very nice time. Thank you to Tony for the lovely food and Dianne for her beautiful music. Thank you to everyone who came out to the Valley for the afternoon. More photos to come... just a few to follow... Thank you to
Pat Townsley, mortgage broker and neighbor, for your wonderful signs. Several people told me they never would have found the event with out them!

Guests at the Reception

Dianne Zellers Jazz

Colleen and Brian in front of "The Great Pt. Reyes Boat at Inverness".

Colleen with flowers from Miriam.

BJ Snyder and Colleen in front of Spirt Rock painting.

Colleen with Rita Lane.

Owner of the Two Bird, Tony, with BJ and Bob Snyder.

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In the Studio Today... Spirit Rock ad for Marin IJ

Thursday, May 17, 2007
This ad should appear as a 4" x 4" ad in the Marin Independant Journal on Saturday morning. I hope it draws people out to the Valley to enjoy the sights, listen to some live jazz music, and maybe stay for dinner at the Two Bird Cafe.

In the Studio Today... The Show is On!

Wednesday, May 9th, 2007
My first solo show at the Two Bird Cafe is now up and ready to view. I had breakfast there this morning with my amazingly supportive parents, who both helped me this week; Mom with twin sitting and Dad actually learned with me how to hang paintings with fishing wire. Unfortunately, they had to fly home today and will not be here for the opening reception, but they were able to see my paintings in the "gallery", and this was wonderful. Thank you also to my partner, Brian Costello, for helping me move paintings from the Coffee Roasters, and bearing with my stress this week. I could not even attempt to do what I have done with out Brian's support. Thank you also to BJ and Bob Snyder, my patrons who discovered and supported me since my first local painting of the San Anselmo Cyclists at the Roasters in 2005. They are both wonderful and caring artists and art supporters who are always willing to listen and give advice. Thank you to Bryan Stubblefield and Ed Wall of the Marin Coffee Roasters, for always agreeing to hang my paintings over the last 2 years, and giving me a bit of graphic design work to boot! Thank you to Kate Peper, Christina Johnson and Michelle Shelfer, my oldest Marin friends and artists too, who have all been great emmotional support as I proceeded to put this show together. Thank you to Judith Selby Lang, Barbara Lawrence, Michael Feldman and Timothy Horn, who have given me art advice during this year. Thank you to Jazz Singer, Dianne Zellers, for agreeing to sing at my reception! And finally, thank you to the Two Bird Cafe for hosting my work and the upcoming reception. I look forward to seeing you all on May 19th, at 3pm!

In the Studio Today... Computer Graphics

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Preparing Price Lists, & Show Graphics

I always think preparing the graphics for the show will not take too long, and I am always wrong. After more than 5 hours of work creating, price lists, bidding sheets, labels for all the paintings, a bio page, and coming up with ways to hang all of these in a charming fashion... I remember why I wanted to "just paint". I enjoy graphic design, but it is never a quick and simple process.

Painting to me is almost the complete opposite work from graphic design. In painting, you are working with something you can touch and push and pull with the brush. You can make strokes that are grand or tiny, lush or scratchy. Painting to me is closer to gardening than computer graphics... When you garden, you are seeing colors and shapes, and modifiying them, watering, pruning here and there... Until you feel it looks better. This is a lot like painting from life.

When you sit at the computer, it is a tense effort to lay out the graphics you need through a program that is not a canvas. By the end of five hours, I am hunched over the keyboard with achy shoulders and neck, squinting at the light coming from my old iMac... This pales in comparison to the days I can be outside, standing in nature, painting with broad strokes and listening to the birds and feeling the warmth of the sun with my dogs at my side. I hope the joy of nature and the dramatic beauty of the landscape where we live comes across to people in my paintings. It's been more than 15 years since I thought computer animation and computer graphics were awesome and omnipotent. I wanted so desperately to be a computer animator. Today, I can honestly say I would much rather be outside, painting than doing anything on a computer, in a hospital, or in an office. I consider myself lucky to have the computer skills to promote my paintings in designing graphics for cards, flyers and show material, yet I also hope to not have to do this side of the business very often.

In the Studio Today... Black Mt. Session #4

Monday, May 7, 2007
"Black Mt. June Colors" 24" x 36"
(View from Pt. Reyes-Petaluma Rd. as you are headed towards Pt. Reyes Station, just before Bob Gallagher's Bridge.) I spent another 2 plus hours on this today, as I just didn't feel it was quite there yet. Now, I think it is acceptable to hang in the show today. It is hard to feel rushed to finish paintings for a deadline, but deadlines make us produce work. April has been a really tough month with both my boys having more than one major cold and being home from school, so I had less time to paint than I'd hoped to. I still would like to finish a couple more small paintings before the actual opening on May 19th.

In the Studio Today... Black Mt. Session #3

Sunday, May 6, 2007
"Black Mt. June Colors" 24" x 48"
I am most likely going to have to call this "done" as it will need to dry before being hung tomorrow afternoon. The photo of this is not be quite the right colors, and the focus is not great, as I just took this photo indoors in unnatural lighting. I will take a clear photo of this outdoors tomorrow and re-post.

In the Studio Today... Black Mt. Session #2

Sunday, May 6, 2007
I am working to finish this large painting to hang tomorrow afternoon. I am using "liquin" as my medium, which helps to dry the oil paint very quickly. I usually use a combination of liquin and linseed oil, but I am not using any linseed oil today, hoping this will be dry enough to get up with the other paintings tomorrow afternoon. This is a large painting, 2 feet by 4 feet, and there is still much detail to do before tomorrow.

In the Studio Today... Black Mt. Session #1

Saturday, May 5, 2007
"Black Mountain_June Colors" 24" x 48"
This is the first session, blocking out the colors and shapes for this large painting that will hang at the end of the bar in the Two Bird Cafe. This is Black Mt. from Pt. Reyes-Petaluma Road, headed towards Pt. Reyes Station, just before Bob Gallagher's property(I believe?). In the summer, the colors in the warm grasses on the hills provide a strong contrast to the dark, green trees. I wanted to do at least one painting in my show which portrayed this effect in the West Marin landscape.

In the Studio Today... Limantour Kite; Session #2

Thursday, May 3, 2007
"The Dragon Kite" Limantour Beach, Pt. Reyes 6" x 6"
This is the second session on this little canvas, adding the subject to the beach scene.

In the Studio Today... Heart's Desire; Session #3

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I added details today on this little 6" x 6" painting. This is the natural wood frame I have purchased for all my 6" x 6" paintings. It adds some depth and width to the tiny canvas and goes well with the yellows in both the beach scenes. Now I will move on to work on the waves and the man flying his kite on Limantour beach, below...

In the Studio Today... Heart's Desire Beach; Session #2

Tuesday, May 1, 2007
I added some of the figures into this little painting that I started this morning.

In the Studio Today... Session #1

Tuesday, May 1, 2007
Two, tiny, 6" x 6" canvases... You can see I am just starting to rough out the background colors today. These will be beach scenes from Pt. Reyes: One is a close up of two mothers and their single children at Heart's Desire beach, with a seagull flying in the foreground, and sailboats in the background...the second painting will be of Limantour Beach; the ocean with a man flying his dragon kite before a breaking wave...