In the Studio Today... Recycled Wood

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

This photo of an old barn door is directly from the website of Heritage Salvage in Petaluma, CA. This business reclaims/recycles wood from old farms, barns, buildings... I was turned on to this place by my recent meeting of the artist, Judith Selby Lang, who won a Fellowship Grant from the Marin Art's Council. Judith is a treasure trove of information for artists, and I am delighted to have met her. I had been trying to think of a way to display my paintings on a more "natural" form of material than a store bought canvas. I have a friend who decoupages her small watercolor paintings onto driftwood, but I was thinking I need something much larger that can accomodate a very large landscape painting. When I saw the barn doors at Heritage Salvage, I was amazed. I keep thinking how incredible it would be to paint a cow or a tree on an actual barn door. Something recycled, and also with the West Marin Agricultural history and theme in mind. I plan to make a trip out to visit Heritage Salvage this month, and hopefully, bring back some old barn wood, or even a barn door... Stay tuned.

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