Commissions, Prints & Pricing

Commissioned painting of a ranch in Tomales, California 2013

I gladly accept commissions of all types and sizes, and can negotiate a price per job. I can paint a local place in Marin on site, or from a photo you supply for reference. Yes, I do portraits of people, and pet portraits too.* (Please see below for some examples of my recent portrait and landscape commissions.) I request 50% cash or check upfront after we agree on a total cost. The second 50% is due upon delivery. If you need to charge a purchase, I do have a PayPal account and we can arrange a credit card charge via PayPal. Please contact me for more information.

*Portrait Pricing is based on heads in the portrait, and runs from $500.-$1,000. per head depending on the canvas size. If the painting has intricate clothing, objects or backgrounds in the scene, the price will be negotiated to include the additional details. My prices include framing. I do request that the customer pay all packaging and shipping expenses. I use Dostal Studio in San Rafael for my packaging and shipping needs.I work exclusively from photos for detailed family portraits, and I can digitally composite your favorite photos, or meet you and your family at a local park to do a photo shoot before hand. View some of my portrait photography work, by clicking here. I have years of painting from models in my background, but with today's technology, I find the photo to be a better way to get painted portraits to be precise. If you prefer a classic "sitting", I can refer you to other artists in my area that include this in their business repertoire.

Giclée Prints:

You may order almost any of my paintings reproduced as an unframed, giclée print, or archival quality print on canvas. Please visit to order my prints. If you don't see what you are looking for there, please feel free to email me with any questions.

Standard Canvas Sizes/Pricing (including framing costs):
8 x 10______425.- 625.
16 x 20_____600.- 800.
18 x 24_____800.- 1100.
30 x 30____1200.- 1500.
24 x 36____1800.- 2400.
36 x 48____2400.- 3200.

Selected Commissions:
"Ole's Boathouse", Riverside, Connecticut o/c, 24" x 36". Commission.

"Jelly Hill Farm" 24" x 36".

The Cory Kids, 16" x 20", oil on canvas. Commissioned portrait painting from client photo.

The Sussman Family, 18" x 24, o/c. Commissioned portrait from four digitally composited client photos.

Ride to the Lakeside Cabin, 12" x 16", oil on canvas. Commissioned portrait painting from client photo.

Selected commissions from 2006-2007.

Note on Gallery Pricing: Most galleries and places I show my art take a percentage of my sales to support their time for showing artists' work, or to use the money towards a fundraising cause. This fee can range from 20% to 50% of the cost of the painting. Artists then deduct their material costs, such as the cost of the frame, paints, canvas, and advertising costs. Buying directly from the artist allows for a reduced price.

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